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Questions of possible medical malpractice involving inmates

According to complaints from inmates and family members, the medical company contracted to provide services to Arizona inmates has not met expectations. There have been numerous complaints, alleging that care is delayed or denied. Failure to provide medical care may be a basis for a medical malpractice claim. One inmate has been awaiting an accurate diagnosis for several months for a potentially serious issue.

The 37-year-old inmate has been suffering with bladder and urinary tract symptoms for several months. He has also experienced an unintentional weight loss of approximately 50 pounds within a short span of time. Though he made repeated requests for an appointment, his requests went unanswered for several weeks before he was given a cursory examination and provided with urinary incontinence garments. This did not address the underlying issues, and he was forced to wait until he was later provided with a few catheters that are meant for a one-time use.

The man was informed that he was receiving care due in part to the efforts of his family submitting requests on his behalf. Since blood tests did not provide a clear diagnosis, the man is now awaiting further medical testing to check for any tumor growth that could be causing his medical problems. During this time, his mother was forced to make repeated requests for renewed access to his medical information in spite of her son's wishes to provide consent.

It was recently announced that the Arizona Department of Corrections intends to end its contract with the current provider and has signed a new contract with Centurion of Arizona. Regardless of a patient's circumstances, he or she is entitled to receive appropriate and timely medical care. When a provider is derelict in that duty, a patient often suffers greater harm. Depending on the circumstances, an injured party -- or his or her surviving family -- may be able to recoup monetary damages through a successful medical malpractice lawsuit.

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