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June 2019 Archives

Phoenix family traumatized over alleged police brutality incident

When parents deny a youngster a desired toy, a child may be tempted to take the object without a parent's approval. Though shoplifting is illegal, these incidents can be handled calmly. One Phoenix family was terrorized after what could be considered a case of police brutality.

Commercial vehicle accidents require patience and documentation

Being involved in a traffic accident can result in anything from a minor annoyance to a life-changing event, depending on the severity of the crash. Even though dealing with the all of the details after a crash can be confusing, matters become even more complex following commercial vehicle accidents. Arizona truck crashes often leave victims with serious physical injuries as well as crippling monetary damages, and many victims are unsure how to seek recompense.

Serious safety issues may warrant auto product liability claims

The decision to purchase a vehicle is seldom undertaken without consideration of a particular model's safety and reliability reputation. Once a customer makes the purchase, he or she is entitled to reasonable expectations that the vehicle will perform in a safe and satisfactory manner. When an Arizona resident suffers injuries or sustains significant property damages due to a defective vehicle component, an auto product liability claim may be warranted.

Questions of possible medical malpractice involving inmates

According to complaints from inmates and family members, the medical company contracted to provide services to Arizona inmates has not met expectations. There have been numerous complaints, alleging that care is delayed or denied. Failure to provide medical care may be a basis for a medical malpractice claim. One inmate has been awaiting an accurate diagnosis for several months for a potentially serious issue.

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