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New issue with airbags could lead to auto product liability claim

For the past several years, both foreign and domestic car makers have been forced to issue recalls for a problem with Takata airbags. Those recalls came after several people were either killed or injured when their airbags exploded, sending sharp, metal fragments into passenger compartments. When these types of tragic events occur, Arizona residents may be entitled to seek compensation for their losses through an auto product liability civil suit.

Honda recently issued a new recall over an unrelated airbag problem. According to reports, the airbags have deployed without warning. So far, the automaker reports that it was notified of three people being injured by the deployments. Six incidents have been reported to date, but, purportedly, none of the malfunctions have led to a crash.

The recall involves only the CR-V SUV 2019 models at this time. The recall will address the issue by replacing the harness and cable reels within the steering wheel that contain the supplemental restraint system. The company noted that metal bumps on the inside surface of the wheel may be causing the components to overheat, triggering an airbag deployment.

The recall applies to an estimated 118,000 vehicles in the U.S. and several thousand more in other countries. The automaker was forced to repair over 21 million vehicles in the Takata airbag recall, which led to more than 200 residents suffering injuries from the defective product, with an additional 14 people dying from the explosions. The current problem seems more limited in scope, though the issue could lead to serious injuries if not corrected. Arizona residents who are harmed by a defective or malfunctioning automotive component often suffer serious injuries or sustain substantial property damages. Victims may have recourse for recovering their documented losses through an auto product liability civil suit against the parties deemed liable for their damages.

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