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Commercial vehicle accidents can leave leave families devastated

Tractor-trailer drivers are a vital part of the nation's supply chain. Unfortunately, though truckers help keep stores stocked with necessary goods, commercial vehicle accidents will often leave devastation behind for the families of victims. The driver in one fatal Arizona crash faces several felony charges.

The 68-year-old driver purportedly caused a fatal collision with a passenger vehicle when he was attempting to pass another rig on a two-lane highway in a no passing zone. The road travels through two rocky hillsides and features curves with blind spots. When the driver chose to pass the other truck, he could not see the van approaching from the opposite direction, leaving him with no possibility of avoiding a crash.

When the semi hit the van, it forced the van into the rocky hillside, where it overturned. The 70-year-old driver was killed in the wreck. A passenger in the van was transported by helicopter for treatment of serious injuries. A judge ordered the truck driver to appear for a hearing in June.  

The judge also ordered the case to be sent to another judge for a conference for a possible out-of-court settlement. In these circumstances, the prosecution and defense meet to discuss a possible resolution for criminal charges. Witnesses from the victims' families are permitted to attend and comment on such proceedings.

The judge in the criminal case issued a complex designation for the case which will prevent a speedy trial. Arizona officials are still awaiting access to the truck to obtain black box data. The driver is facing manslaughter and other charges for his role in the crash. Families who have lost loved ones in these types of commercial vehicle accidents will never be the same as they struggle with their loss and monetary damages. A personal injury attorney can provide information concerning the possibility of filing a civil suit in an effort to recoup financial damages.

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