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Birth injuries can sometimes be prevented with proper monitoring

Many things can go wrong when a baby is born. Proper monitoring of the mother and baby during labor and delivery is imperative. There are some issues that can be spotted. When anything is missed, the mother or baby can suffer from harm.

Several methods are used to monitor the mother and baby. The fetal monitor that checks the heart rate is a primary one. The mother's vital signs are also taken. Some hospitals and birth centers use continual monitoring, but others use only periodic monitoring. Both are acceptable, as long as the woman and baby are in good health. Sporadic monitoring might mean that problems aren't spotted as quickly as they would be with constant monitoring.

Baby's position

By the time a mother goes into labor, there should be an indication of the baby's position. When this is abnormal, her medical care team must make a decision about the type of delivery that's appropriate. This will be a cesarean section for transverse presentations, as well as breech babies and some others. Sometimes, the baby's size or the size of the woman's pelvis will mean a c-section is needed.

Troublesome vital signs

The woman's vital signs or the baby's heart rate might dictate the need for a surgical delivery. If the baby's heartbeat isn't normal, there are some options that the medical team can try to stabilize the baby. If those don't work, the woman may be taken to surgery. There are also some things that should be monitored on the woman. Profuse vaginal bleeding, for example, must be addressed as this can mean that there is a placental abruption or a uterine rupture.

Issues during birth

While monitoring during labor can help to prevent some issues, it won't prevent them all. There are sometimes problems that arise during birth. This includes things like shoulder dystocia, an abnormal birth presentation that wasn't previously known, perineal tears and umbilical cord issues. Doctors and nurses should be prepared to react to anything amiss.

Medical malpractice claims can come from cases like this. Families who go to the hospital in Phoenix for care during labor and delivery have the right to expect appropriate care. Anytime that care is lacking and harm is done, a lawsuit serves to hold the medical team and hospital accountable. It also helps to provide financial compensation for the damages to the victim.

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