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May 2019 Archives

Officials worry over auto accidents caused by wrong-way drivers

Over the past several months, numerous Arizona travelers have been killed or injured due to wrong-way drivers. Recently, officials have taken steps to reduce the chances of these motorists causing horrific auto accidents. The most recent crash resulted in the deaths of five people.

New issue with airbags could lead to auto product liability claim

For the past several years, both foreign and domestic car makers have been forced to issue recalls for a problem with Takata airbags. Those recalls came after several people were either killed or injured when their airbags exploded, sending sharp, metal fragments into passenger compartments. When these types of tragic events occur, Arizona residents may be entitled to seek compensation for their losses through an auto product liability civil suit.

Officer in alleged police brutality faces disciplinary hearing

Arizona police officers are charged with protecting and serving their communities. Even in situations where an individual is suspected of engaging in illegal activity, officers are expected to carry out their duties in ways that will not place anyone in undue danger. Sadly, some officers cross the line and engage in behaviors that qualify as police brutality. Anyone who has been a victim of police overreach may have legal options for legal recourse. 

Commercial vehicle accidents can leave leave families devastated

Tractor-trailer drivers are a vital part of the nation's supply chain. Unfortunately, though truckers help keep stores stocked with necessary goods, commercial vehicle accidents will often leave devastation behind for the families of victims. The driver in one fatal Arizona crash faces several felony charges.

Man files medical malpractice claim for serious misdiagnosis

Confronting a medical crisis is a frightening and confusing experience. At this time, a patient is in need of the comforting knowledge and appropriate health care from trained medical providers. Unfortunately, when medical professionals fail to provide a patient with the proper care, devastating complications can result. Arizona residents who believe that providers caused them to suffer greater harm may en entitled to seek relief through a medical malpractice claim.

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