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Commercial vehicle accident takes a mother's life

Trucking is a vital part of our modern economy. The ability to transport a large amount of goods from one area to another keeps businesses and companies of all kinds thriving. However, tractor-trailers certainly pose a risk to other motorists, due to their sheer size. When a passenger vehicle is involved in an accident with a big rig, it can mean disaster. One Arizona family is grappling with just such a tragedy after a mother lost her life and her children were seriously injured in a commercial vehicle accident.

The accident occurred on a recent evening when the mother was transporting her three children and her niece to one of the kid's baseball games. Police say that a semi on the interstate jackknifed into several vehicles, including the mother's car. Despite the valiant efforts of first responders, the mother died shortly after the crash. The children were rushed to a local hospital where they received treatment, including surgery for the niece and one of the mother's sons. The niece remains in intensive care.

Authorities haven't stated exactly what caused the crash. Sometimes these crashes happen if a driver has been compelled to drive long hours or with an unsafe rig. There is no word on whether the truck driver was impaired on unfit to drive for any reason. Police are continuing to investigate the incident.

The Arizona family admits that the medical and funeral expenses that have resulted from this crash have put a strain on them financially. An unexpected loss like this one can leave a family reeling and unsure of where to turn. If the evidence suggests that the truck driver and/or the trucking company are responsible for the commercial vehicle accident, the family could choose to file a civil claim. A successfully-litigated claim could result in a monetary judgment that could assist the family in this time of need.

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