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March 2019 Archives

Audit logs may be critical in a medical malpractice case

In 2009, Congress provided funding to speed up the switch to electronic medical records. It was believed that this format allows patients greater access to their records while reducing the possibility of medical malpractice. However, as many Arizona patients have likely discovered, accessing a complete record of their own health care is often problematic. 

Were you wrongfully arrested?

Getting arrested is frustrating and embarrassing enough when it is justified. But facing a wrongful arrest and unjust charges can fill an innocent defendant with anger and hopelessness, especially if they do not know how to defend their legal rights in Arizona. Whether an arrest is wrongful or justified, every person charged with a crime should build a defense and fight the charges, to avoid unfair punishment if nothing else.

Failures in vital components could lead to auto product liability

When the assembly-line automobile was first introduced, the possibility of a mechanical failure may not have been a serious issue since the machines were relatively simple. Advances in technology may have led to increased performance capabilities, but they have also led to increased complexities in computer-assisted engines that incorporate more components that could fail without warning. Arizona residents who have been injured or sustained significant property damages due to a faulty vehicle component may have grounds to pursue an auto product liability claim.

Officer convicted on all counts in fatal police brutality case

Those who serve as police officers are usually hailed as heroes who protect the lives and property of the residents in their local communities. While this is true most of the time, there have been far too many cases when officers have gone far beyond their duties and have inflicted harm on those whom they are called to serve. Even one case of police brutality against Arizona residents can erode trust in law enforcement.

"Egregious" medical malpractice error cited in patient's death

A trip to a hospital emergency room is already fraught with fears. One of the last things on a patient's mind may be concerns over whether the staff will fail to provide proper care. Unfortunately, if a medical center fails to follow proper procedures, any Arizona patient could become a victim of medical malpractice.

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