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Some BMWs a fire risk, may lead to auto product liability claims

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is a federal agency responsible for keeping people safe on the nation's roadways. Some say it's not doing it's job, at least with respect to a problem with certain makes and models of BMWs. Over 90 complaints have been filed with the agency, saying that the luxury vehicles burst into flames spontaneously. Reportedly, the NHTSA has not yet opened a formal investigation. In Arizona and across the country, this may lead accident victims to pursue auto product liability claims for monetary damages.

BMW customers say they have sustained significant financial damages due to their vehicles catching fire while they were turned off and parked in a garage. There is no one specific model or year singled out, as consumers have reported that various BMWs have been involved. Several apparently lost their homes when a vehicle fire rapidly spread. One owner claimed she and her children were home when her car caused an explosion that destroyed her house. 

BMW representatives have denied responsibility for the fires, suggesting other external reasons -- like lack of proper maintenance or even arson -- may be to blame. The manufacturer has issued four recalls regarding fire-related concerns, but insist there's currently no available remedy for the problem raised by consumers. The company has recommended that BMW owners park their vehicles outside until a repair is available. 

Even though no federal agencies have taken actions, BMW was fined an estimated $9.9 million in South Korea for allegedly concealing problems that caused the cars to burst into flames and for not issuing timely recalls. An attorney stated that at the moment, the only way for consumers to seek justice from the luxury car maker has been through auto product liability civil lawsuits. Arizona residents who have experienced similar circumstances or have suffered injuries related to a defective vehicle, are likewise entitled to pursue compensation through the civil courts.

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