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Preventing commercial vehicle accidents in the hands of drivers

According to data presented at the annual Transportation Research Board gathering for 2019, the numbers of fatal crashes involving tractor-trailers has continued to climb. This includes commercial vehicle accidents that resulted in the deaths of other victims, not just the tractor's occupants. While the number of fatalities was not broken down by state, there have been numerous Arizona travelers who have been victims of these horrific crashes.

The Chief Safety Officer with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration listed several categories in which the numbers of fatal accidents rose during the last three years. The best way to prevent these types of incidents starts with each driver taking control of his or her driving habits. One of the most effective means to prevent fatal injuries for operators is to use the safety restraints. In addition, proper use of turn signals and hazard lights can also help increase the safety of all motorists.

Drivers are urged to obey existing laws regarding hand held devices. Cell phones and similar devices should only be used in the hands-free mode or stored in a secure location in order to prevent falling or unauthorized use while the vehicle is in motion. Likewise, operators were instructed to attend to personal comfort regarding seat placement, mirror adjustments and radio settings before they head out on the road.

Due to the height and visual advantages that are afforded to larger vehicles, truck drivers can use these advantages to warn fellow travelers of adverse conditions through the use of signal lights and safe driving techniques. Regardless of the advice and instructions provided to operators of these larger vehicles, serious commercial vehicle accidents are likely to continue to wreck havoc in the lives of innocent victims. Those who are injured in these types of crashes while traveling in Arizona may choose to seek relief for their monetary damages through the filing of a lawsuit in the state's civil justice system.

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