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Common causes of car accidents

A car accident can happen for any number of reasons. A tire can blow out and cause a driver to lose control. An animal might run into the street and cause a driver to swerve into another object. Or, a motorist might be texting and driving and not notice that traffic is coming to a stop. These are just a few examples of a long list of actions that might cause a collision.

Many accidents occur due to human error which means that there are ways to avoid them. By being aware of the most common causes of vehicle collisions, you will be better prepared to take steps to avoid them.

Distracted driving

This probably will not come as a shock, but distracted driving has taken the top place as the leading cause of motor vehicle accidents. Many people hear the phrase "distracted driving" and automatically think of texting or other cellphone use. In reality, distractions come in all different shapes and sizes. For example, a distracted driver might be eating, reading, grooming or simply talking with a passenger in the car.

Drinking and driving

Even though distracted driving has taken the number one place among causes of car accidents, drunk driving is still one of the most dangerous occurrences on the road. There are numerous options for a safe ride home including taxis, ride shares and designated drivers, but many people still make the decision to get behind the wheel after imbibing a few too many and endanger other people on the road.

Defective equipment

Sometimes car wrecks happen because a vehicle malfunctions due to a design flaw. For example, perhaps the tires on a vehicle were defective coming out of the factory. If such a tire suddenly shreds on the freeway, it could cause a serious wreck.

Other common causes of car accidents include wrong-way drivers, improper turns, inexperienced drivers and speeding. By understanding and being aware of the top causes of motor vehicle collisions, not only will you be able to avoid these actions, but you will have a better chance of recognizing them in other drivers. However, it is not always possible to avoid a wreck with a reckless driver. If you have been the victim of a car accident, you might be able to file a claim for compensation for the damages.

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