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Parents file medical malpractice in death of little boy

No one looks forward to going to the dentist, no matter how old they may be. However, regular dental care is an integral component to a child's future overall health. Sadly, one Arizona family lost their beloved 2-year-old son in what they allege is an example of medical malpractice.

According to the lawsuit, the parents of the 2-year-old took him to a dental clinic that is reportedly geared toward treating pediatric patients. During the course of two office visits, the child was purportedly assessed, and his parents were informed that he needed to have a root canal procedure and crowns placed on some of his baby teeth. They were then presented with a consent form, and the procedure was scheduled.

At some point during the procedure, the child's pulse oximeter sounded an alarm, which the dentist promptly silenced. The child was then moved to a recovery area until the general anesthesia wore off. According to the suit, the child was left unattended without necessary medical supplies in the area. For reasons that are still unclear, the child died. The parents claim that the Kool Smiles business model contributed to the death, as patients are scheduled closely together without adequate time to monitor patients' recoveries.

An Arizona dental board member stated that the anesthesiologist contracted by Kool Smiles was responsible for the child's death and has suspended his anesthesia license while he completes his studies. The clinic, which has locations nationwide, has been renamed in the wake of this tragic death, but representatives claim that it was done for only re-branding purposes. The preventable loss of a loved one is especially tragic; however, while nothing can undo the harm that has been inflicted, a medical malpractice case may prevent others from suffering a similar tragedy while allowing survivors an avenue for obtaining just compensation for their financial damages.

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