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Man wins police brutality suit filed for 2015 wrongful arrest

For the past several years, tensions between law enforcement and select communities have escalated. This relationship is further strained whenever those who are charged with protecting residents engage in behavior that threatens the well-being of those same residents. Sadly, there are frequent reports of alleged police brutality along with other abuses of power that further alienate many Arizona residents.

Recently, one man, who is an African-American, won a civil lawsuit over allegations of police brutality and wrongful arrest that occurred in 2015. According to the reports, a witness called emergency dispatchers concerning a suspected car theft. In reality, the man was the lawful owner of the vehicle. He stated that he was attempting to correct a minor issue with the vehicle before driving to the university where he was a student.

Police arrived at the school and ordered the man to obey their commands. He attempted to calmly comply while explaining that he was the legal owner of the vehicle. In spite of his cooperation, the arresting officers proceeded to tackle the student and struck him repeatedly. His attorneys later claimed that officers were aware that the man was the vehicle owner before they transported him to the jail for questioning and to process the charges of resisting arrest and refusing to comply with police officers.

The former student of Northwestern University was awarded $1.2 million in the civil suit against Evanston, Illinois, and four officers. The man filed his suit shortly after the dash cam recording of the incident was released in 2017. Any time police overstep the boundaries separating proper protocol and police brutality, victims often feel as if they have no recourse for justice. Arizona residents who have suffered injuries or other damages from this type of abuse may seek the assistance of an experienced attorney who can guide them through the process of filing a successful civil suit of their own.

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