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January 2019 Archives

Man wins police brutality suit filed for 2015 wrongful arrest

For the past several years, tensions between law enforcement and select communities have escalated. This relationship is further strained whenever those who are charged with protecting residents engage in behavior that threatens the well-being of those same residents. Sadly, there are frequent reports of alleged police brutality along with other abuses of power that further alienate many Arizona residents.

Auto product liability cases stem from serious defect issues

Due to the expense involved, most consumers are trusting that the vehicle they purchase will perform in a safe and reliable fashion. When they fail to do so, vehicles pose a serious risk to the well-being of owners and passengers. One of the few ways Arizona customers can recoup their losses is through an auto product liability civil suit.

Impaired driving blamed for many Arizona auto accidents

No matter how many public service campaigns focus on the dangers of drinking and driving, many motorists continue to engage in this dangerous behavior. Sadly, a significant number of Arizona families have been devastated by auto accidents ultimately attributed to an impaired driver. One recent crash resulted in one death and two others suffering injuries.

Parents file medical malpractice in death of little boy

No one looks forward to going to the dentist, no matter how old they may be. However, regular dental care is an integral component to a child's future overall health. Sadly, one Arizona family lost their beloved 2-year-old son in what they allege is an example of medical malpractice.

Former chief, officers convicted of a type of police brutality

Over the past several years, the level of trust between certain segments of the population and police has continued to erode. Along with the nationwide stories of police brutality, some communities have been plagued by rogue police officers who are arresting residents on false charges. In Arizona and other states, some individuals have been falsely accused and suffered serious damage to their reputations.

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