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Was death of individual in ICE custody police brutality?

When an individual dies while in the custody of law enforcement agencies, there are certain protocols that must be followed, including the release of pertinent information on a timely basis. Though there may be serious health problems that caused an individual's demise, there are countless occasions when police brutality was ruled a contributing factor in an untimely death. Arizona residents who have lost a loved one due to the abuse of power do have recourse for seeking justice.

There are allegations against Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials that they contributed to the death of an individual who had requested asylum. According to an autopsy report, the transgender woman had suffered from the effects of physical abuse sometime before her death. There have been numerous reports that transgendered people are frequent targets of abusive behavior while under the care of Border Control agents.

A fellow detainee reported that the woman had been held in a cell that is referred to as an "icebox" which is kept at a consistently low temperature. Detainees are subjected to 24-hour lights and are not provided with beds. Policy dictates that these cells are not to be used for longer than three days; however, it is alleged that the woman was held there for approximately five days.

The woman purportedly experienced serious health problems but was denied access to medical treatment for several days. She later died while in the intensive care unit. There is now a request for more information from several senators regarding the circumstances surrounding her death. Arizona residents who have suffered serious harm or lost a loved one due to suspected police brutality, or other examples of abuse of power, are likely unsure of how to protect their rights. An experienced attorney can provide assistance in securing just compensation for the financial damages they may have sustained.

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