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Recalls over safety may be basis for auto product liability claim

There have been several recent recalls to fix potentially serious issues relating to the safe operation of various makes and models of automobiles. When Arizona residents purchase a particular make or model of vehicle, they often do so on the basis of reliability, value and safety. If a vehicle fails to meet the safety obligations based on a defective or faulty part, a customer may have a valid reason to file an auto product liability claim.

Recently, Honda and Acura filed paperwork with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration over the need to recall several models due to a defect in its braking system. According to the automakers, the affected models lack sufficient coating on the braking calipers on the rear wheels. This deficient in coating purportedly can cause gas bubbles to form that can reduce braking power for these particular vehicles. This performance issue can lead to the driver risking a higher probability of being involved in a crash.

The manufacturers are proposing that owners of the affected models take their vehicles to an authorized dealer to have the entire brake system bled to prevent the build-up of hydrogen gas pockets. According to the anticipated recall, the calipers will not need to be replaced. The recall involves approximately 65,000 thousand Acura and Honda SUVs as well as the 2018-2019 Odyssey minivan. Supposedly, drivers may experience a noticeable difference when applying the brake pedal, though the automakers deny they have received any reports of accidents caused by the faulty brakes.

The braking issue also means that the vehicles are not in compliance with the NHTSA standards for light braking systems. If an Arizona resident has suffered serious injuries or sustained significant property damages due to a vehicle defect or malfunction, he or she is entitled to seek a remedy for monetary losses. An experienced attorney can provide guidance in filing a successful auto product liability claim in order to seek just compensation. 

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