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Drivers are not always to blame in commercial truck accidents

Commercial truck accidents that involve passenger vehicles often result in serious injuries and extensive property damage, leading ultimately to long and complicated legal battles among the parties involved. Victims who do not take the time to understand the specifics of their case to seek fair compensation are poorly prepared to challenge the other parties involved. This often leave full compensation on the table.

If you or someone you love recently experienced a commercial truck accident, you must not wait to begin building a legal strategy. The other parties involved in the accident are certainly already building their own, hoping to reduce the amount of money they must pay out if they are liable for your losses. No matter what caused your accident, you should not underestimate the importance of a strong strategy to protect your rights and interests.

This is true in any commercial truck accident, but is especially important when a third party caused the accident. Once you understand exactly what caused your accident, you can craft your claims to focus on the strongest evidence you have. When third parties hold liability for these kinds of accidents, they tend to use all the tools they have to deflect blame and avoid paying compensation to victims.

Third party causes of truck accidents

Most traffic accidents occur because a driver makes an error, whether they make a risky move on the road that does not turn out well, fail to react to threats on the road in time or simply fall asleep at the wheel. However, even when drivers take their role seriously and drive safely, other factors can still cause a truck accident.

For commercial trucks, this might include the party that loaded a trailer before or during a haul, the manufacturer of a faulty component, or the party who maintains and repairs the truck, among others.

If a truck is hauling a load that is not secured properly in the trailer or on the flatbed, it may move around while the truck is moving. These sudden shifts in weight can cause a truck to overturn while in motion, or can cause the trailer to fishtail behind the cab.

Similarly, a component may fail within the truck, or poor maintenance and repairs may affect the driver's ability to control the vehicle. These kinds of issues may easily cause massive damage well outside of what the driver of the truck or those driving around the truck can control.

Protect your rights now

Surviving this kind of accident may leave you with serious injuries and property loss, and you may lose most or all of your income while you recover, if you cannot work. Take time to build your legal strategy now, especially if your accident occurred because of some third party failure. These cases take time to resolve, so the sooner you begin protecting your rights and interests, the sooner you can focus on your physical, emotional and financial recovery.

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