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Dentist who faked certifications faces medical malpractice suit

The relationship between patient and medical provider is intensely personal and requires both trust and professionalism. When that trust is violated in an egregious manner, the patient runs the risk of facing physical injury and a future mistrust of the medical profession. Arizona residents who have suffered harm may seek a remedy through a medical malpractice suit. 

One patient is seeking to hold a dentist accountable for the harm he inflicted by misrepresenting his qualifications to safely administer anesthesia agents. The patient needed oral surgery and sought the services of a dentist who purportedly possessed certification from the state to administer general anesthesia via a variety of means. However, at some point during the man's surgery, he experienced breathing difficulties that resulted in the dentist halting the procedure. The patient reported that he suffered both physical and psychological injuries due to his experience.

The man learned through a news report that the dentist was investigated and later arrested for possessing fake credentials that allegedly permitted him to use sedation methods. The media station also discovered that the Arizona dental board allegedly turned a blind eye to allegations and complaints against this individual, concerning his certifications. The board has further been accused of aiding the dentist in continuing his practice in spite of not possessing a valid license regarding his use of anesthesia.

The patient who has filed the medical malpractice suit is also officially listed in the criminal case against the dentist as being a victim, and he confirmed that he has had discussions with investigators from the Arizona Attorney General's Office. It is hoped that the patient's civil suit will help clarify the actions of the members of the dental board in connection with allowing the dentist to continue treating patients. Other patients who have suffered harm from the negligence of a medical provider are entitled to seek compensation for their financial damages through the state's civil courts.

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