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Family seeks answers after alleged police brutality causes death

Police in Arizona and elsewhere are charged with the duty of protecting and serving the public. In some circumstances, officers must apply significant force in order to bring a volatile situation under control; however, unless the person presents a significant threat there is seldom the need to use deadly force. Sadly, there have been many recent incidents when alleged police brutality resulted in death

Recently, a family retained an attorney after the death of their loved one. Reportedly, police were called to a location that involved a physical attack by a resident of an apartment complex on an employee. The report noted that the perpetrator appeared to be under the influence of illegal substances. When police arrived, they supposedly had to resort to force to bring the man under control.

Officers say that the 38-year-old man caused serious injuries to two officers. All were transported to local hospitals. According to the family's attorney, the officers who were purportedly injured were treated for undisclosed injuries and later released. Witness accounts claim that the victim was struck repeatedly in the head and torso by batons as well as being punched. One witness reportedly stated that the man was placed in a chokehold that may have contributed to the man's subsequent death.

The family's attorney stated that hospital staff claimed the victim had only trace amounts of marijuana in his system, though toxicology reports are not completed. His internal organs also purportedly showed signs of oxygen deprivation. The family stated that the man suffered from developmental disabilities and that police could have resorted to less lethal methods. The district attorney's office is investigating the man's death. Arizona residents who have been a victim of police brutality can seek justice for their damages by means of a civil lawsuit against the party or parties deemed responsible.

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