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November 2018 Archives

Automakers woes could result in auto product liability claims

The decision over which vehicle to purchase is a personal one that is often guided by price, reputation and safety ratings. Unfortunately, any auto maker can produce a model that fails to meet expectations and can lead to consumers suffering serious injuries or significant property losses in the event that a vehicle proves to be defective. Arizona residents who have sustained damages or received injuries due to a defective car may have a basis for filing an auto product liability claim.

Could your race determine your chances of death on a motorcycle?

Race only goes skin-deep but no racial category is immune from being treated unfairly. In our society, racial minorities face such discrimination most frequently on the job, on the street and elsewhere in their lives. But one startling statistic from a Johns Hopkins University study shows another shocking disparity: African-American motorcyclists have a higher chance of dying in a crash than their Caucasian counterparts.

Military protected from medical malpractice by Feres Doctrine

In 1950, the U.S. Supreme Court made an interpretation of the Federal Tort Claims Act that effectively prevents anyone from suing the military over physical harm or death that occurs incidental to military service. The Feres Doctrine prevents those who have suffered harm from medical malpractice from holding the military responsible for mistakes or wrongful actions. It is unclear how many Arizona residents may have suffered harm for which they are unable to seek justice.

Family seeks answers after alleged police brutality causes death

Police in Arizona and elsewhere are charged with the duty of protecting and serving the public. In some circumstances, officers must apply significant force in order to bring a volatile situation under control; however, unless the person presents a significant threat there is seldom the need to use deadly force. Sadly, there have been many recent incidents when alleged police brutality resulted in death

Fatigued driving major factor in countless auto accidents

In 2013, an estimated 72,000 crashes were caused by tired motorists. In Arizona, more than 1,780 auto accidents were attributed to drowsy or fatigued drivers. Experts claim that going longer than a day without sleep and then trying to drive is equivalent to driving while intoxicated.

Auto accidents may result in drivers facing serious charges

There are many hazards that motorists face when they travel Arizona highways. Unfortunately, one of the greatest threats to their safety is the actions of negligent drivers, who often cause serious auto accidents. Recently, a driver was formally accused of causing the deaths of a young woman and her passenger. 

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