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Some victims may fear reporting some types of police brutality

A recent report was published that addressed a serious problem within some police departments. While many incidents of police brutality do make the evening news, there is one type of abuse of power that may go unreported by victims. It is likely that there are Arizona residents who have suffered abuse by those sworn to protect them but are hesitant to report the crime.

According to researchers at a prominent university, there have been more than 400 rapes committed by police officers over the past nine years. While that number may be alarming since it translates into approximately 45 violent attacks a year, it is likely that far more go unreported by victims. In addition to the rapes that have been reported, there have been an estimated 630 incidents that involved officers forcibly touching victims inappropriately.

Researchers at Bowling Green State University stated that it is likely that the vast majority of these attacks are never publicly disclosed in an effort to protect both the reputation of the accused officer and the police department. Reports of crimes committed by officers tend to erode public trust and may make enforcing the laws a more difficult task for the majority of law-abiding officers. To compound this serious problem, many of the victims are made up of those who are already suspects or who have had clashes with law enforcement in the past.

It has been proposed that changes are made nationwide that could help ensure that bad officers are prevented from working in law enforcement. However, it is unlikely that unions would allow significant changes that could negatively impact officers. It is vital that victims who have suffered from any form of police brutality seek justice for the harm they have suffered, since this may also help reform police culture. Arizona residents who have been harmed by those in positions of authority are entitled to consult with an attorney who can guide them through the steps to seek compensation for their damages.

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