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Owners of Toyotas may have basis for auto product liability claim

One of the market leaders in foreign auto manufacturers has been Toyota, which enjoyed a reputation for providing reliability for owners for years. Unfortunately, certain models of its hybrid line have been the subject of multiple recalls to fix a critical issue. Arizona residents who have suffered injuries or sustained significant property damages due to a defective automobile may have a basis for filing an auto product liability claim.  

Toyota has been plagued with a persistent problem with its hybrid models that has proved to be a difficult one to remedy. The automaker recently issued a third recall of approximately 800,000 vehicles to correct an issue with a component connected with the switch from electric power to gas. The software glitch can cause the vehicle to stall unexpectedly during operation. The latest malfunction bypasses the so-called 'limp home' feature that would normally allow the driver to get the vehicle safely off the road under reduced engine power.

Along with the issue related to unexpected stalling, certain models are also experiencing an issue with airbags. This software glitch is switching off all of the airbags when the driver starts the vehicle. It's unclear whether Toyota was aware of any accidents concerning this issue or if customers were informed by a dashboard indicator that the airbags had been deactivated.

Altogether, Toyota is recalling an estimated 975,000 vehicles to address these two serious problems. The automaker has also issued recalls in the recent past related to engine fires, fuse problems and parking brake failures. Arizona residents who have been harmed by these problems or have been injured by any defective vehicle may consult with an attorney over the possibility of filing an auto product liability suit in order to pursue recovery of documented monetary damages.

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