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Investigation into inmate's possible police brutality death

Those who have been accused of committing a misdemeanor or other minor infraction are entitled to humane treatment, regardless of the situation. Unfortunately, there have been many stories of authority overreach that may fit the definition of police brutality. Arizona residents who believe that they have been a victim of this type of behavior are entitled to seek justice.

Recently, a family requested that the district attorney investigate the death of their loved one who was taken into police custody after being accused of criminal trespassing, which is categorized as a misdemeanor. According to the report thus far, once the 32-year-old was placed under arrest, he was taken to the local hospital to be medically cleared for transportation to the local jail. Once there, the story becomes a little less clear.

Reportedly, the man was locked in a cell without any clothing. At some point, six guards secured him in a restraining chair. He was purportedly subdued with a taser and pepper spray directed at his face. The report states he was then taken to the shower area for decontamination. Shortly after, the man was no longer responsive and died.

A lab report supposedly revealed the presence of an illegal substance in the victim's system. According to the family's attorney, the presence of such a substance would preclude the use of a taser. The family is awaiting the results of the inquiry, which is being conducted by the Georgia Bureau of Investigations. It is unclear whether any of the correctional officers involved will face reprimands in connection with the death of this man. Arizona residents who have suffered harm at the hands of police or other officials are assured of the right to pursue a police brutality lawsuit against those responsible for the damages they may have sustained.

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