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NTSB urges changes to prevent some commercial vehicle accidents

By 2022, the automotive industry has promised that all new vehicles will be equipped with front crash avoidance and automatic braking technology. Unfortunately, the trucking industry has not made a similar vow to include potentially life saving technology. The numbers of commercial vehicle accidents has continued to rise across the nation, including in Arizona.

Several years ago, one father lost his son in a rear-end collision in another state when the trucker behind him failed to stop in time to avoid a crash. In a separate tragedy, another trucker was considered to be one of the safest drivers in his fleet. However, one short clip of his dashboard camera captured this driver watching a tablet screen rather than the road ahead in the seconds before his rig slammed into the stopped car ahead of him. The collision killed four people.

The National Transportation Safety Board has urged both the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as well as members of the U.S. Congress to take action by passing a requirement that large tractor-trailers be equipped with front-end crash avoidance systems. The numbers of fatal crashes involving these heavy vehicles has continued to climb and is expected to continue to increase since consumer demand and internet shopping have resulted in increased highway travel. Another concerning factor is the rise in posted speed limits in many states, which make surviving a crash less likely.

The NHTSA has been conducting studies to determine the effectiveness of crash avoidance technology. The NTSB has expressed disappointment and frustration with the lack of progress in protecting the safety of travelers who share the road with these trucks. More than 300 people are killed each year in commercial vehicle accidents that involve a rear-end collision. For those accidents occurring in Arizona, an experienced personal injury attorney can provide guidance in helping navigate a lawsuit for just compensation through the civil justice system.

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