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Retired Ob-Gyn provider faces allegations of medical malpractice

Those who go into specialized fields of medicine are extended complete trust by those whom they treat. In the vast majority of clinics and hospitals, the providers maintain a high level of quality and professionalism in order to retain that trust and confidence. Unfortunately, there have been cases where Arizona residents have been victims of medical malpractice based on the actions or behaviors of those from whom they sought care. 

A patient has filed a civil lawsuit against her former ob-gyn, the medical center and the clinic from which he worked. According to the suit, during a prenatal appointment last October, the doctor physically touched her in a manner that was unrelated to her medical care and for which she did not give consent. In addition to this alleged incident, the woman purportedly received a phone call, during which the doctor and female staff members discussed private medical matters and included disparaging comments about her and the condition of her unborn child.

The lawsuit is seeking recompense for the physical and emotional harm that was inflicted during both of these incidents. The patient was forced to seek care for her pregnancy from another provider in light of these events. The doctor who has been named has not been criminally charged in connection to these allegations and has since retired from practice.

Neither the hospital nor the physician have offered any statements regarding these allegations other than a brief statement that they cannot offer comments regarding ongoing litigation. The announcement regarding the filing of this medical malpractice suit did not provide further details nor did it refer to the nature of the injuries that the woman suffered. Any time an Arizona patient suffers physical or serious emotional harm due to the actions of a medical provider, he or she is entitled to seek justice and compensation for damages through the civil court system. 

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