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Neglect is a serious concern in Arizona nursing homes

People usually decide to relocate a loved one to a nursing home because they require monitoring and ongoing care. Adult professionals may not have the time to provide around-the-clock support to a loved one with declining physical or mental health. Those with children may also not have the time available to offer adequate care.

Nursing home facilities are the ideal solution for families who have loved ones requiring ongoing care when they cannot provide that care of themselves. Unfortunately, many people living in nursing homes may actually experience neglect while living in those facilities. It is more common than people think, and it can have severe medical consequences for your loved one.

Neglect can lead to an increase risk for serious falls

As people age, their bone density decreases. They are more likely to break a bone or even shatter one in an incident that would have left them unharmed at a younger age. Older adults may fall and break an arm, leg or even a hip. Those injuries can require months of rehabilitative care and may cause severe pain that lasts a long time.

In order to prevent falls, nursing homes should screen and assist your loved one with any movement or transportation if they are at risk for falling. Unfortunately, if nursing homes do not have adequate staff, your loved one may attempt to do something on their own. Even a small jaunt to the bathroom could result in a slip that means a broken hip. If your loved one falls in a nursing home, it may be a sign that there is a problem with neglect in that facility.

Bed sores are another warning sign of serious neglect

If your loved one can no longer move around on their own, you may think they are at less risk. Unfortunately, even those who cannot get out of bed on their own still require ongoing care and attention. Failing to monitor these individuals can lead to serious injuries.

Bed sores, also known as pressure ulcers, can develop on areas that press down on a bed or chair for long periods of time. These sores can cause injury that damages not just the skin but also the muscle and connective tissue. They can lead to severe infections that can prove fatal. Nursing homes should routinely rotate those who cannot move themselves. They should also provide adequate cushioning for those without mobility to reduce the risk of developing these sores.

If you worry that your loved one is not receiving the standard of care they should in a nursing home facility, take the steps now to document your concerns. Address them with the nursing home. If the nursing home does not improve their standard of care, you may need to take legal action.

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