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Chain reaction auto accidents result in 1 death; 2 face charges

Many drivers will often choose to travel Arizona freeways in the early morning hours for the reason that traffic is often less congested at that time. Unfortunately, this is also the time of night when visibility is reduced, and many drivers may attempt to return home after an evening on the town. These factors often play a significant role in causing serious auto accidents.

Recently, Arizona police arrived on the scene of a fatal chain-reaction crash that involved three vehicles. According to the preliminary investigation, one driver's vehicle apparently became disabled when it ran out of gas. The driver was stopped in his travel lane, which required the driver behind to also come to a stop. Unfortunately, the third driver failed to take action to avoid a collision.

The third car slammed into the rear of the second, which then pushed it into the first. The middle driver, a 29-year-old woman, was killed in the impact. Three other passengers, two of whom were young children, were transported for treatment of minor injuries. The 35-year-old driver of the third vehicle initially attempted to flee the scene before Arizona officials arrested him. He has been charged with several counts, including manslaughter and aggravated assault.

The driver of the first vehicle, a 26-year-old man, also attempted to elude authorities. He faces similar charges that also include manslaughter, leaving the scene of a fatal crash and aggravated assault. Officials said that both men are believed to have been under the influence of undisclosed substances. The family of the deceased woman are understandably shocked by their tragic loss. In spite of the criminal charges that both motorists are facing, the victim's family may also seek relief for their monetary damages, which frequently accumulate in the days and weeks following these types of tragic auto accidents via a lawsuit filed in the civil justice system.

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