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August 2018 Archives

Chain reaction auto accidents result in 1 death; 2 face charges

Many drivers will often choose to travel Arizona freeways in the early morning hours for the reason that traffic is often less congested at that time. Unfortunately, this is also the time of night when visibility is reduced, and many drivers may attempt to return home after an evening on the town. These factors often play a significant role in causing serious auto accidents.

Former police chief calls for reforms to end police brutality

Four years ago, the questionable shooting death of an unarmed African-American set off a fire storm of protests that caught the attention of the entire nation. Since that infamous event, there have been multiple reports of similar incidents that have led to increased distrust of police departments across the country. This is not an isolated problem, as there have been reports of Arizona residents also suffering harm as a result of alleged police brutality.

Neglect is a serious concern in Arizona nursing homes

People usually decide to relocate a loved one to a nursing home because they require monitoring and ongoing care. Adult professionals may not have the time to provide around-the-clock support to a loved one with declining physical or mental health. Those with children may also not have the time available to offer adequate care.

Arizona reports increase in auto accidents as well as fatalities

Overall, 2017 was a dangerous year in Arizona for motorists and pedestrians alike. A new report detailed the number of auto accidents and fatal incidents involving both car crashes and pedestrian accidents. Officials state that the vast majority of crashes are the result of driver errors.

Commercial vehicle accidents often take greater human toll

The vast majority of consumers depend on the services provided by commercial transportation companies. Without tractor-trailers, many goods would not reach their intended destinations -- thereby severely crippling the nation's economy. Unfortunately, due to their large size and weight, these vehicles pose a greater risk to fellow motorists whenever a serious collision occurs. Arizona travelers who have been personally impacted by commercial vehicle accidents are intimately familiar with the devastation they can cause.

Retired Ob-Gyn provider faces allegations of medical malpractice

Those who go into specialized fields of medicine are extended complete trust by those whom they treat. In the vast majority of clinics and hospitals, the providers maintain a high level of quality and professionalism in order to retain that trust and confidence. Unfortunately, there have been cases where Arizona residents have been victims of medical malpractice based on the actions or behaviors of those from whom they sought care. 

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