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Teenager wins medical malpractice claim over permanent damages

When one hears about a patient seeking compensation for negligent or substandard care, it is likely assumed that the injured party is an adult. However, children are also vulnerable to suffering the consequences of negligence on the part of medical providers. Any Arizona patient who has suffered harm has a right to file a medical malpractice suit against the responsible parties.

Recently, a jury awarded a 17-year-old girl an estimated $135 million in damages for the permanent harm she suffered after a surgical procedure performed seven years ago. The jury decided on the amount after listening to the testimony and evidence that was presented over the course of the two-week trial. The patient's attorney stated that the award is just and appropriate based on the level of harm that was inflicted on his client.

According to the case, when the patient was 10 years old, she entered the hospital in order to undergo an operation to correct a curvature to her spinal column. The procedure called for placement of steel rods along her spine to relieve the compression. Unfortunately, those devices caused her to suffer permanent weakness to her limbs as well as a loss of control of her bowel and bladder functions. By the time the problems were properly diagnosed by another physician and the rods removed, the harm that was inflicted was irreversible.

The girl was confined to a wheelchair for approximately a year after the surgery. The damage that she has suffered is described as permanent. The Detroit Medical Center where the operation was performed denied culpability and stated that the damage was the result of a blood clot, but the jury disregarded that defense. Anytime an Arizona patient believes that the actions of a medical provider has resulted in him or her suffering serious harm, he or she is entitled to seek a remedy for monetary damages through a similar medical malpractice lawsuit.

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