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July 2018 Archives

Other people driving distracted can leave you in danger

No matter how safe you are, there is always risk on the road related to the way that other people drive. Many people make questionable decisions while driving on public roads. Even if you have an excellent vehicle and a perfect safety record at the wheel, someone else could make a mistake that endangers you and your loved ones.

Officer facing charges after alleged 2014 police brutality case

Over the past several years, there has been an increase in reports of police abusing their authority through excessive force -- often with deadly consequences. Most Arizona residents are familiar with many of these incidents, especially the ones that have garnered national attention. Recently, it was announced that an officer who was involved in a case of alleged police brutality four years ago will now face departmental charges for his role.  

Families left devastated, seeking answers after auto accidents

Far too frequently in the aftermath of an unexpected tragedy, the survivors lament the shortness of life. Though nothing can ever prepare families for the loss of loved ones, the days and weeks that follow fatal auto accidents often leave them bereft and seeking answers as to the reasons behind the tragic events. Recently, two Arizona families were left to mourn their loved ones and wait for the person responsible to be located.

Teenager wins medical malpractice claim over permanent damages

When one hears about a patient seeking compensation for negligent or substandard care, it is likely assumed that the injured party is an adult. However, children are also vulnerable to suffering the consequences of negligence on the part of medical providers. Any Arizona patient who has suffered harm has a right to file a medical malpractice suit against the responsible parties.

Will lack of oversight lead to more auto product liability cases?

Arizona residents who have purchased a new or used vehicle tend to have confidence that any safety-related issues have already been addressed. Since its inception, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been charged with overseeing the nation's automobile companies in order to protect the safety of motorists. Recently, the agency oversaw two of the biggest recalls of potentially dangerous vehicles, which also lead to victims successfully filing auto product liability claims to recoup their damages.

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