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Dermatologist dancing during surgeries faces medical malpractice

Those who seek specialized medical treatment do so to improve the quality of their lives. The vast majority of physicians who are entrusted to provide that care take pride in conducting themselves in a professional and compassionate manner in order to ensure that their patients receive the quality of care they are expecting. However, there are occasions when patients suffer greater harm from providers who fail to exercise the proper standard of care. Arizona patients who have suffered physical, emotional and financial harm due to negligence are entitled to pursue relief through a medical malpractice suit.

Recently, a doctor, who was purportedly licensed as a dermatologist, was carrying out a variety of cosmetic procedures on patients. Often during these procedures, the doctor would video herself singing and dancing during surgery while her patients remained under anesthesia. She would later post these videos on social media sites. After an estimated 20 videos and numerous patient complaints regarding adverse outcomes, the state licensing board has suspended her medical license.

Several patients have filed malpractice suits against the doctor concerning pain, disfigurement and a diminished quality of life. One patient purported suffered serious consequences after a procedure, including a collapsed lung and significant blood loss a day after undergoing extensive procedures. Another patient has claimed to suffer brain damage after an operation.

The Georgia medical board stated that the woman failed to provide the minimal required care and she represented a threat to the well-being of the public. An attorney for one of her former patients claimed that the doctor was not qualified to provide the surgical services that she was performing. The doctor has denied wrongdoing but has reportedly settled some of the medical malpractice claims. Arizona residents who have been victims of a physician's substandard care may seek recompense for their damages through the state's civil court system.

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