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June 2018 Archives

Commercial vehicle accidents often fault of inattentive drivers

Sharing Arizona roads with the endless variety of commercial vehicles can make for challenging driving under the best of circumstances. When the drivers responsible for operating these types of automobiles are not attentive to their tasks, the resulting commercial vehicle accidents can cause permanent injury or death. In a case that has attracted attention to the issue of self-driving cars, police are now recommending that an Uber driver face criminal charges.

The relationship between police, race and the use of force

It is undeniable that police must use force in certain situations. Where things grow contentious is determining whether that force was necessary or not. The excessive use of force may also be a point of contention, as it can lead to injuries and even fatalities that officers could have otherwise avoided.

Dermatologist dancing during surgeries faces medical malpractice

Those who seek specialized medical treatment do so to improve the quality of their lives. The vast majority of physicians who are entrusted to provide that care take pride in conducting themselves in a professional and compassionate manner in order to ensure that their patients receive the quality of care they are expecting. However, there are occasions when patients suffer greater harm from providers who fail to exercise the proper standard of care. Arizona patients who have suffered physical, emotional and financial harm due to negligence are entitled to pursue relief through a medical malpractice suit.

Man wants changes to Arizona policies after police brutality

Over the past several years, there has been increased reports of police engaging in abuse of power and overreach in their authority. There have been several reports of police brutality that have resulted in victims suffering serious injuries and even dying from these incidents. Recently, another report concerning this issue resulted in five Arizona police officers being placed on suspension.

Phoenix police searching for drivers in pedestrian auto accidents

According to a study conducted by the Governor's Highway Safety Association, Arizona has the worst safety record regarding fatalities for pedestrians based on population figures. Recently, police were called to the scenes of two more serious incidents in connection with these types of auto accidents. The most recent one sent two victims to area hospitals.

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