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Arizona auto accidents: Elderly woman in wheelchair killed

Those who have limited mobility often do not let those disabilities prevent them from trying to live as normally as possible. Due to advances in design and technology, even those in wheelchairs can still navigate around Arizona towns and cities. Sadly, this also makes them more susceptible to tragedies such as auto accidents. Recently, a 78-year-old woman confined to a wheelchair lost her life in a car accident in Tempe.

The fatal collision was between the wheelchair-bound woman and an automobile. Reportedly, she was attempting to navigate her chair across an intersection in what is referred to as an unmarked crosswalk, meaning that the location was where a traditional crosswalk would be. As she was in the intersection, a vehicle approaching the crossroads struck the woman. The victim was transported to a local medical center where she later died. 

Police indicated that the motorist did not appear to be under the influence of any intoxicating substances at the time. It appears that the investigation is continuing. There was no indication that criminal charges are contemplated, though that may change as more information is available.

Whenever Arizona families lose loved ones in auto accidents, they must often deal with the financial fallout that these tragedies create. When serious injuries, or a death, is caused by the negligence on the part of another party, victims -- or the surviving families of deceased victims -- may seek redress for their monetary damages by filing  a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. An experienced personal injury attorney can offer advice and support at every step of the process.

Source: azcentral.com, "Patricia Edwards ID'd as 78-year-old woman fatally hit by car in Tempe", Nathan J. Fish and Adrian Marsh, April 27, 2018

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