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May 2018 Archives

Car owners warned of potentially dangerous auto product liability

One of the most expensive purchases Arizona consumers make is buying an automobile. Indeed, the typical owner will repeat the process at least a few times during his or her lifetime, making this decision one of the more important ones in regards to safety and reliability. Recently, Fiat Chrysler Automotive issued a recall concerning a potentially dangerous auto product liability issue.

Passengers in cabs at risk from potential auto product liability?

When Arizona residents summon a taxi or set up a ride through an online app, they likely are focused on arriving at their destination on time. The idea that taking such transportation could result in a serious injury probably never enters into a customer's decision-making. Unfortunately, it has come to light that countless customers face dangers posed by a possible defect that could make an auto product liability claim necessary.

Son honors father's work to reduce risk of medical malpractice

Some parents hope that their children will carry on their work after they are gone. One son is attempting to honor his physician father's work in improving the lives of patients and reducing the risk of medical malpractice through diligence. Arizona residents may not be aware of the numbers of patient deaths that are attributed to these avoidable mistakes.

Arizona auto accidents: Elderly woman in wheelchair killed

Those who have limited mobility often do not let those disabilities prevent them from trying to live as normally as possible. Due to advances in design and technology, even those in wheelchairs can still navigate around Arizona towns and cities. Sadly, this also makes them more susceptible to tragedies such as auto accidents. Recently, a 78-year-old woman confined to a wheelchair lost her life in a car accident in Tempe.

Former NFL Player, Desmond Marrow, alleges police brutality

In the past few years, there have been numerous reports regarding violent confrontations between law enforcement officials and African-American males who were alleged to have resisted arrest. Many of these incidents have been captured on video cameras and have shown officers engaging in questionable behavior and, in some instances, outright police brutality. When public officials overstep the lines of authority, Arizona victims may be unsure how to seek justice for the damages they have suffered.

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