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A program could reduce the need for auto product liability claims

An automobile is one of the most expensive purchases that many Arizona residents will make. For that reason, owners spend hours researching the safety and reliability of the models they are most interested in purchasing. Unfortunately, an unforeseen mechanical failure could lead to serious injuries and property damages that may require filing an auto product liability claim in an effort to recoup one's losses.

One state recently unveiled a pilot program that it hopes will ensure that more owners become aware of manufacturer recalls. With the assistance of a grant from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Maryland will be the first state to notify owners of open recalls through its registration renewal notices. Because the state records all vehicle identification numbers when vehicles are registered with the MVA, the agency will automatically check for any recalls that are associated with that VIN.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, approximately only 33 percent of recalls are repaired nationwide. This places motorists and passengers in danger from defective vehicles that could cause a serious crash. It is hoped that this pilot program will boost the chances that more owners will take their vehicle in for the needed repairs.

Maryland will not withhold registration renewals if the repairs are not made as the program is only intended to ensure that residents are informed of a recall. State officials claimed that many owners may never have received a recall notice due to relocation or because their vehicle was pre-owned. Sadly, not every mechanical defect has been the subject of a recall, and as a result, owners may be unaware of a potentially dangerous problem. Arizona residents who have suffered serious injuries and sustained significant monetary losses as the result of an accident caused by a defective part are entitled to pursue restitution by way of an auto product liability lawsuit.

Source: wtop.com, "Md. becomes first state to notify drivers of vehicle recall information", Mike Murillo, April 2, 2018

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