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Calls for resignations after possible police brutality death

Admittedly, when one is found guilty of a crime and sentenced to serve time in jail, he or she understands that the accommodations may be much less comfortable than before. However, everyone deserves humane treatment and access to health care -- be it for physical or mental health ailments. If an Arizona inmate is denied proper care and he or she later suffers greater harm, this ill treatment or denial of care may qualify as a form of police brutality.

Recently, there have been calls for a sheriff and a district attorney to resign, following the death of an inmate. The man who died was reportedly suffering from an undisclosed mental illness. He had purportedly been engaging in self-harming behaviors and, as a result, it was recommended by the health care staff that he not be a candidate for their restraint protocols. Unfortunately, he was fastened unclothed to a restraint chair for an estimated 46 hours.

After he was released, guards purportedly deposited him on the floor of a cell. At some point after he was left there, he died from a blood clot that formed in his leg and lodged in his lung. In an alleged attempt to cover up the actions of the jail's deputies, the sheriff denied any ill treatment and claimed the man died simply due to respiratory failure.

According to investigators, jail logs, witnesses and video evidence reveal the manner and cause of the inmate's death, regardless of statements made by the sheriff. Furthermore, investigators have alleged that the sheriff's department has repeatedly violated California's regulations regarding the standards of care for detention centers. Arizona residents are entitled to humane treatment by those in positions of authority, regardless of the circumstances. When that authority is overstepped, those actions may be considered police brutality for which victims -- or their surviving family -- are entitled to seek justice for their resulting monetary damages.

Source: calcoastnews.com, "Sheriff Parkinson blames health department for Andrew Holland's death", March 20, 2018

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