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Automation could prevent some auto accidents if used correctly

There is much speculation concerning automated vehicles that do not require much input from a human driver. However, while it may be some time before the majority of traffic is composed of these types of vehicles, some of the automated features on current models may prevent some auto accidents -- if applied as intended. Arizona residents who reside in high-traffic areas may welcome the assistance these features provide.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recently conducted an experiment using a selection of newer model vehicles that incorporated two new technologies. These features are assisted cruise control and a program that prevents a vehicle from straying out of its travel lane. The group claims that drivers may embrace the thought of new automation features, but may be expecting these programs to operate in the same manner that an individual motorist drives.

Of the models that were tested, volunteer drivers were split on how these programs operated. About half of the participants were impressed with the assisted cruise option in some of the selected model cars -- which not only maintains a preset speed and traveling distance from other vehicles, but may also sense changes in the traffic ahead. Others preferred how the options handled in the other vehicles. In the end, researchers stated that customers who are considering purchasing cars with these features chose a variety of driving conditions in order to test how the features can be adapted to their personal driving styles.

An estimated 40,000 people died from auto accidents last year. It is hoped that emerging technology in all future vehicles could prevent the human errors that lead to these tragic crashes. In the meantime, motorists are still responsible for maintaining vigilance behind the wheel. Whenever a victim is injured in a crash while traveling in Arizona, he or she may choose to seek compensation for any financial damages that stem from the negligence of another party. A skilled personal injury attorney can provide assistance in assembling and guiding a valid claim successfully through the state's civil courts.

Source: thedrive.com, "IIHS: Drivers Wary of Automation on Highways", Kate Gibson, Feb. 19, 2018

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