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Alleged police brutality incident draws interest from the FBI

Last summer, a man was stopped by a police officer for trespassing and jaywalking. The incident quickly escalated, and many point to it as yet another example of police brutality. Though the majority of encounters between Arizona residents and law enforcement are resolved peacefully, there have been many complaints that police officers overstep and cause greater harm to those they are sworn to protect.

This particular incident was purportedly initiated when a 33-year-old African-American male apparently took a shortcut through the parking area of a closed business. The encounter between the white officer, and the man was recorded by the officer's body camera. The captured footage showed the officer hitting, choking and using a Taser to stun the victim.

After the video came to light, the officer in question resigned his position in early January. Just a few weeks later, an investigation was opened regarding the incident. Shortly thereafter, the victim was contacted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Agents reportedly asked a series of questions relating to the events that occurred on that day. There is speculation that the FBI may be considering investigating the event as a possible civil rights violation.

The police chief extended a formal apology to the victim. It is unclear where the investigation into this possible police brutality incident stands at this time, though the public has expressed outrage over the ex-officer's actions. At this time, the victim has not announced whether he will pursue a claim for monetary damages based upon a violation of his civil rights. Arizona victims who have suffered physical harm and damage to his or her reputation from the illegal or unjust actions of law enforcement officials may benefit by discussing the matter with an attorney who is experienced in handling claims of this nature. 

Source: citizen-times.com, "FBI raises questions amid Asheville police brutality probe", Joel Burgess, March 2, 2018

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