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Ford rangers could be subject of auto product liability suit

Other than the purchase of a home, buying an automobile is not a decision Arizona residents take lightly. Whether the purchase involves a new or used vehicle, two of the primary considerations are reliability and safety. Customers who have been injured or sustained significant monetary damages due to a faulty or unsafe vehicle may seek redress for those losses through an auto product liability civil suit.

The majority of car owners have been informed of the massive recalls that included mainly Honda vehicles due to defective airbags. However, many may not be aware that Ford Rangers are not only included in the list but have recently been a renewed focus of the airbag recall. The manufacturers of both Ford and Mazda issued a warning to consumers to not operate certain models of the Ranger pickup truck until the necessary repairs are made. The models affected are the 2006 Ranger and the Mazda B-Series 2006, which was built on the Ranger body type.

The defective airbags, manufactured by Takata, have been implicated in the deaths of 22 people globally. All but two of those deaths involved Honda vehicles. The latest recall includes an estimated 35,000 additional vehicles.

When these airbags deploy, they can send metal fragments into the passenger compartment at high velocity. Dealerships are offering to transport the affected models in order to avoid the possibility of further serious injury to owners. Owners are urged to check websites to determine whether they own one of the affected vehicles. Arizona residents who have suffered a serious injury due to a defective car may never fully recover -- which can have a negative impact on their financial well-being. A successful auto product liability claim may enable these victims to recover a significant portion of their monetary damages.

Source: autoweek.com, "33000 more Ford Rangers and Mazda B Series pickups recalled with Takata airbags", Jake Lingeman, Feb. 14, 2018

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