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Woman's medical malpractice suit over medication moving forward

Over the past few years, the reported numbers of medication errors has increased approximately 462 percent. When these mistakes occur, the side effects can result in debilitating and permanent injuries. Arizona patients who have suffered as a result of these serious mistakes may have a basis for filing a medical malpractice civil suit.

In 2014, a woman stated that she was suffering from the effects of a depression. Her physician prescribed a medication that has purportedly been an effective remedy. Unfortunately, the prescription was for an incorrect dose. The patient reported that for the first 14 days of the treatment, she experienced no issues; however, that changed when she experienced severe burning sensation from her skin.

Within days the woman's condition had deteriorated so severely that physicians resorted to placing her in a medically induced coma in an effort to combat the horrifying symptoms due to the diagnosis of Stevens Johnson Syndrome, which causes a victim's skin to burn from the inside and then slough off. The 24-year-old woman will not recover from the illness, and she is slowly losing her vision. Furthermore, the illness could flare-up again and cause even more serious symptoms.

This illness was purportedly a direct result of the incorrect medication dosage. Some states have enacted laws that limit the numbers of prescriptions that a pharmacist may fill in any one shift in an effort to prevent the likelihood of a serious medication error befalling other patients. If any Arizona resident has suffered serious harm from any type of medical malpractice, he or she has probably also sustained significant monetary damages as well. In an effort to recoup these losses, an injured patient may consider seeking information concerning the process of filing a valid malpractice claim.

Source: wgrz.com, "Woman's skin 'melts off' after medication error", Andy Pierrotti and Julie Wolfe, Dec. 27, 2017

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