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Man requests that his case over police brutality be kept private

Police officers perform a critical service for the well-being of the citizens whom they serve. Unfortunately, there have been situations when officers have allegedly overstepped their authority and engaged in actions that can be considered police brutality. When Arizona residents believe that officers have overstepped their powers and subjected them to abusive actions, they are entitled to seek a remedy for the damages that they sustained.

In late 2009, a man was arrested for allegedly driving while intoxicated and possession of an illegal substance. As he was being escorted to a holding area, an officer was caught on video smashing him into a wall. A second officer than purportedly sprayed him in the face with an offensive substance. The man later filed a civil suit against the officers involved in the incident.

Several policemen were subject to disciplinary actions, including a termination and a subsequent jail sentence for assault charges over the incident. The victim has since filed a civil suit against the town, alleging lack of supervision of the police force, and is acting as his own attorney. He recently requested that the suit be treated as a private case as it has reportedly subjected him to unwanted attention.

The town has requested that the case be dropped altogether, as the officers involved were already disciplined and officials believe the case has no merit. The 26-year-old man has stated that he mistakenly included a specific damage amount and that is the reason he feels his case should not be open to the public. There has been no ruling on the man's request. Arizona residents who have been a victim of police brutality may be uncertain as to how to seek justice for themselves. An experienced and compassionate personal injury attorney can assess the case and determine the manner in which a victim can seek a satisfactory resolution to these disturbing incidents.

Source: unionleader.com, "Man suing Seabrook over police brutality wants his case to be 'private'", Jason Schreiber, Jan. 17, 2018

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