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Ford may face expanded claims for auto product liability

In 2016, Ford Motor Company issued a recall over problems with its electronically controlled automatic transmissions in certain models. There had been reports of accidents that were caused by malfunctions with this particular part. There may be Arizona residents who have sustained substantial monetary losses along with injuries from these types defective parts, which could support the filing of a valid auto product liability claim.

Currently, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating additional claims of defective transmissions in other Ford models. Purportedly, the federal agency may issue a recall that could include approximately 1.4 million vehicles. The agency has been concerned about the redesigned automatic transmissions that reportedly can slip out of the selected gear during drive time, leading to drivers experiencing a loss of control.

The original recall in the spring of 2016 involved mainly the regular duty pickup trucks, some model years of the Mustang and two SUV models. The auto maker blamed the malfunction on faulty sensors creating connection issues that may lead to the transmission slipping into low gear. The recall supposedly corrected the problem though the NHTSA now suspects that the recall did not include all of the affected vehicles. It further stated that the repairs failed to correct the problem since vehicle owners are continuing to file complaints over the potentially serious defect.

There have been other automotive companies that have experienced difficulties with new transmissions, including the death of an actor whose Jeep crushed him after he mistakenly selected the wrong gear. Though the federal agency had no data concerning any fatal accidents caused by this potentially lethal defect, the possibility of a driver losing control and suffering serious injuries in a collision caused by this issue is a serious concern for investigators. Arizona residents who have suffered any serious injuries or sustained significant monetary damages due to a suspected defective part may choose to seek information concerning the filing of an auto product liability claim against the parties deemed liable for their documented losses.

Source: thedetroitbureau.com, "NHTSA May Order Recall of Another 1.4M Ford Pickups, SUVs", Paul A. Eisenstein, Jan. 2, 2018

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