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4 ways to help a loved one with a traumatic brain injury

A car accident can often have tragic side effects. For instance, if you have a loved one who was in a car wreck in Phoenix and suffered a brain injury, you could be wondering what you can do to help. In the days, weeks and months after a person suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI), there can be many unforeseen challenges. An individual with even a mild TBI could have memory problems or balance issues that could limit day-to-day activities which means that he or she might need help completing once basic tasks.

Fortunately, there are many resources available to help you learn how to aid a loved one coping with a TBI. The following tips can get you started down the right path in helping your family member with a traumatic brain injury.

Show up

Even in a perfectly healthy state, we often do not know what we want or admit to needing help. Instead of asking what your loved one needs, just show up to lend a helping hand. If you ask first, the answer will more than likely be no, either out a sense of pride or the desire to not be a burden. Take the initiative and simply be there, even if it is just to sit on the couch together and watch a favorite show.

Bring food

When you do show up to your loved one's home, do not come empty handed. Bring food, perhaps enough for several days. The chances are that your relative will not be able to drive or run errands for him- or herself for some time. By keeping the refrigerator stocked, you will take away some of the stress of your loved one being home-bound.

Don't forget the other groceries

While you pick up food, do not forget other groceries and household supplies. Bring over some necessities such as toilet paper, trash bags and maybe even disposable plates and serving ware so that dishes do not pile up in the sink.

Take a field trip

When your loved one is feeling up to it, schedule a field trip. Choose an activity that will not aggravate the injury. Perhaps a movie or simply picnic in the park will be a nice option to get your family member out of the house.

If you have a loved one who has suffered a TBI due to a car accident with a negligent driver, the above tips can help you aid him or her in the days and weeks afterward. Another way to help is by assisting your loved one in filing an injury claim to obtain the benefits that he or she deserves.

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