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Honda using extreme methods to avoid auto product liability issue

It is likely that most vehicle owners in Arizona and elsewhere are aware of the trouble with Takata airbags. These defective parts led to numerous auto product liability civil suits when they caused serious injuries and death. Now, Honda is using extreme methods to try and encourage owners who haven't yet responded to recalls to take their vehicles in for the needed repairs.

The auto maker has produced a graphic video that is being featured on Youtube that illustrates the danger that these airbags pose in the event a collision causes the airbag to inflate. It shows a woman who was a victim of such an explosion who suffered a terrifying injury to her face from a piece of metal that lodged in her eye. Honda stated that they hoped that the advertisements would be run on national television outlets, though that scenario seems highly unlikely due to the disturbing images.

The airbag behind the issue had been manufactured by the Takata company that started in the 1930's and eventually supplied airbags and other safety equipment to the majority of the top automobile companies, including Toyota, Ford and GM as well as luxury models including Lexus and Jaguar. The problem with the dangerous explosions first came to light in 2008 when Honda issued the first safety recall for approximately 4,000 vehicles. That recall was later expanded into the largest one ever issued in the United States.

During the past nine years, there have been 12 victims in the states who died due to these exploding airbags and more than 200 suffered injuries. All but one of these fatalities involved Honda vehicles. Honda is also taking full advantage of social media platforms to contact owners with these defective parts. Any time a vehicle contains purportedly dangerous or malfunctioning devices, Arizona residents run a risk of suffering serious injuries and the accompanying monetary damages. In the event that there is a part that was proved to cause an injury or death, then a successful auto product liability lawsuit may allow a victim to be awarded recompense for those damages.

Source: thedrive.com, "Honda Makes Graphic Safety Video To Scare You Into Fixing Your Defective Takata Airbag", Kyle Cheromcha, Dec. 5, 2017

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