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December 2017 Archives

Several officers face separate allegations of police brutality

Every day countless Arizona residents benefit from the services provided by public servants. Unfortunately, there are instances that arise when some officers are accused of engaging in police brutality and other wrongful actions. Recently, there were reports that several officers in another state are facing these types of allegations in separate incidents.

Honda using extreme methods to avoid auto product liability issue

It is likely that most vehicle owners in Arizona and elsewhere are aware of the trouble with Takata airbags. These defective parts led to numerous auto product liability civil suits when they caused serious injuries and death. Now, Honda is using extreme methods to try and encourage owners who haven't yet responded to recalls to take their vehicles in for the needed repairs.

Commercial vehicle accidents often take a tragic toll on families

The vast majority of parents who transport their children to school or other routine destinations usually arrive without any complications beyond traffic backups. Unfortunately, as the early-morning commute commences, there is often an increase in the amount of work-related traffic, which can lead to serious commercial vehicle accidents. One recent wreck has left an Arizona family devastated.

Can efforts to limit medical malpractice records harm patients?

The vast majority of medical providers place the health and safety of their patients above all other concerns. In spite of their best intentions, though, some patients will suffer greater harm as a result of mistakes or negligence. In these situations, Arizona residents are assured of their rights to seek a remedy for the harm they have suffered through a medical malpractice suit.

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