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Woman wins medical malpractice suit; awarded $12 million

Those who have a chronic illness may make frequent trips to the hospital in order to obtain relief from recurring and possibly serious symptoms. In spite of these patients receiving regular care, however, medical providers may miss vital clues and cause greater harm for the patients who place their trust in them. Recently, an Arizona jury found a doctor guilty of medical malpractice that left a woman in a persistent vegetative state.

According to the woman's family members, she had suffered from a history of seizures for which she was prescribed blood thinning medication. In spite of this therapy, she purportedly often suffered from complications related to this medication and would seek treatment from a local emergency center. According to these relatives, the woman would be treated with vitamin k injections and possibly plasma transfusions to help combat bleeding issues.

On one such trip in the later portion of 2013, the woman again sought treatment at the emergency room on her own. Once there, a newly graduated physician treated the woman with a different medication. Unfortunately, she later suffered from blood clots that lead to a serious heart attack and subsequent brain damage. The woman has since been in a vegetative state and can only communicate through limited facial and hand movements.

The jury in the medical malpractice case spent less than four hours in deliberations once the weeks-long trial was concluded, and awarded the victim an estimated $12 million dollars in damages. The hospital stated that misinformation provided by the patient may have lead to the physican's treatment decision. Arizona residents place their health and lives in the hands of the medical providers who are trusted to bring relief and not harm. Those who feel that a provider's actions or negligence has caused further physical and monetary harm may have grounds to pursue a malpractice civil suit in an attempt to recover those financial damages.

Source: kvoa.com, "Tucson woman awarded $12 million in medical malpractice lawsuit", Sarah Herrera, Nov. 6, 2017

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