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General Motors settles another suit over auto product liability

The buying public in Arizona and across the country has often felt confident in placing its trust in the major car makers in this country. However, over the past few years, there have been several reports of accidents and injuries resulting from possible auto defects in even the top selling models. Many of these incidents have resulted in auto product liability claims. 

Recently, General Motors settled another lawsuit that stemmed from its alleged cover-up of serious defects in some GM models. Problems with ignition switches, brakes, power steering and certain airbags were identified. These defects purportedly have led to approximately 124 fatal accidents and more than 275 injured people. The automaker has been accused of training its workforce to avoid language that would include any references to defects or faulty parts.

During a five month span three years ago, the company was apparently forced to issue 33 recall notices that encompassed an estimated 17 million vehicles. The company was also accused of using inexpensive replacement parts in order to cut costs and in apparent disregard for consumer safety. GM has now settled with Orange County, California for $13.9 million in response to a lawsuit over these alleged defects.

General Motors has now settled civil claims in 49 states over the issue of auto product liability for approximately $120 million. The company has stated that it is taking steps to correct any business practices that have placed the safety of consumers in jeopardy. It is quite likely that customers in Arizona are affected whenever there are reports concerning faulty automobile parts. Anytime a consumer suffers serious injuries due to a faulty or defective vehicle, he or she is entitled to seek compensation through the civil justice system for any financial damages sustained.

Source: U.S. News & World Report, "GM settles California Suit over alleged defects concealment", Oct. 29, 2017

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