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November 2017 Archives

Phoenix auto accidents can affect anyone regardless of occupation

Whenever there is an emergency of any type in the Phoenix area, the image of first responders may come to mind, as they are the ones tasked with keeping others safe. Unfortunately, no job title can protect even these heroes from becoming victims of tragedies such as auto accidents. Recently, police held a fundraiser to help provide for one of their own.

Man files suit for alleged police brutality over fender bender

Being involved in a minor fender bender happens to almost every driver at one time or another. While it can be a hassle trying to clear it up, in most cases it will not result in an incident of alleged police brutality. Unfortunately, situations can escalate under the wrong conditions and an Arizona resident could potentially find him or herself in a frightening situation.

Woman wins medical malpractice suit; awarded $12 million

Those who have a chronic illness may make frequent trips to the hospital in order to obtain relief from recurring and possibly serious symptoms. In spite of these patients receiving regular care, however, medical providers may miss vital clues and cause greater harm for the patients who place their trust in them. Recently, an Arizona jury found a doctor guilty of medical malpractice that left a woman in a persistent vegetative state.

Popular auto maker BMW issues recall for auto defects

When automakers are designing vehicles, what looks good on blueprints may not always translate into a solid and safe product when it is manufactured. Even the most trusted companies may make a mistake that results in a danger to consumers who may then file an auto product liability claim against the company responsible for the auto defects, and resulting injuries and losses. Recently, BMW issued recalls that may include owners in Arizona.

The seven things you should know about birth injuries

Although birth injuries are rare, they are particularly troubling because they can affect the health, wellbeing and quality of life of a baby for decades to come. Coping with a birth injury can be one of the most difficult things imaginable for a parent. The situation may seem overwhelming, and you may not know what to do first.

General Motors settles another suit over auto product liability

The buying public in Arizona and across the country has often felt confident in placing its trust in the major car makers in this country. However, over the past few years, there have been several reports of accidents and injuries resulting from possible auto defects in even the top selling models. Many of these incidents have resulted in auto product liability claims. 

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