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October 2017 Archives

Man files suit alleging police brutality caused lasting harm

In the majority of cases, those who are bound to enforce the laws and protect their city's residents fulfill their duties with respect and honorable intentions. However, there are circumstances when officers allegedly abuse their rights, and Arizona residents can become victims of police brutality. There have been several recent incidents in various states that have resulted in serious injuries.

Lawmakers back bill that addresses medical malpractice in the VA

In early October, a national media source reported on the disturbing practice of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to purportedly protect medical providers who are believed to have failed to provide proper care for the nation's veterans. Now, three lawmakers are working together to help ensure that these men and woman are protected from physicians who are accused of medical malpractice. If the bill passes, it is hoped that veterans here in Arizona and elsewhere will be receive better quality care at VA hospitals.

Carmax accused of selling cars with auto product liability issues

The saying "buyer beware" is often applied to the used car business. However, the issue of auto product liability may not have been a serious consideration when purchasing a used vehicle until recently. Arizona customers may benefit from learning about a recent study safety advocates collaborated on.

Officer arrested after allegations of police brutality

The majority of police officers are honorable men and women who are willing to place themselves in harm's way to protect the public they serve. However, there have been several recent allegations of officers engaging in acts of excessive force. Any Arizona resident who believes he or she has been a victim of police brutality is entitled to seek justice.

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