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September 2017 Archives

There are many causes for Arizona auto accidents including chases

The news media frequently report on wrecks that have occurred due to a high-speed police pursuit. However, even when law enforcement have abandoned their chase, fleeing drivers may still cause serious auto accidents. One recent incident has led to a serious crash in Arizona that injured several people.

Radiologists seek to reduce medical malpractice claims

When people hear that a mistake was made by a medical provider, most likely an error on the part of a physician or surgeon comes to mind. However, another practice area that has been subject to medical malpractice claims is radiology. Arizona patients who have received a mistaken diagnosis or experienced delayed treatment due to a misread radiograms may also have a valid claim.

Volkswagon issues recalls for possible auto product liability

Many Arizona car buyers make their purchasing decisions based on the brand quality of a particular manufacturer. When that name becomes linked with issues relating to a possible auto product liability, it can hurt the company's reputation regardless of how long it has been in business. Volkswagon recently issued a recall for one particular model in different body styles and model years.

Mother who lost son to police brutality wants to help others

As a child, young people are taught to respect those in authority. While the vast majority of law enforcement are upright and honorable public servants who are worthy of that respect, there have been several recent instances when alleged police brutality has escalated beyond the use of responsible force. Arizona residents are likely aware of one infamous case that made headlines nationwide.

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